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Ariel DA324HF3 Platinum 90″ Steam Shower Enclosure and Whirlpool Bath Tub with S,

$6,637.50 $3,299.00 (as of November 17, 2016, 8:06 pm)

Dimensions: 59″ x 59″ x 89″
12 Acupressure Body Jets for Massage Therapy, 16 whirlpool massage jets (1.2HP pump / 72 gal tub)
Handheld and Rainfall Showerhead for Ultimate Experience

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Ariel DA324HF3 Features: Whirlpool tub system with curved glass shower enclosure Whirlpool system accommodates 16 fully adjustable jets that offer optimum performance and value 12 body massaging sprays Chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy system included Comes with rain showerhead and hand shower Steam sauna powered by 3kw generator Built in speakers for FM radio 2 built-in seats Ventilation fan to disperse steam Drain with trap included Computer panel with timer to regulate functions Complete with rough-in valve system Product Technologies / Benefits: Steam: Along with its relaxing and soothing properties, steam therapy can assist the body cleanse itself oftoxins and waste. It may be an effective remedy for respiratory and sinus conditions, circulation,flexibility, and the immune system. The deep cleansing power of steam also cleans pores leaving youwith younger taking a look, more radiant skin. Rainshower: These showers deliver the sensation of soothing rain. Rainfall shower heads grow to be each and every showerinto a natural rainfall experience, where one is left feeling refreshed and renewed. Body Jets: Strategically positioned spray nozzles pinpoint and tenderize channels and subsidiary channels along thebody. Therapeutic water massage from up to 20 jets can assist increase your body circulation, invigorateyour blood cells, prevent chronic disease, and simply rejuvenate your senses. Chromatherapy: Lighting plays an essential role in creating atmosphere and mood. Chromatherapy provides regulate overthese elements of your bath environment. Cool colors, such as green and blue evoke a sense of calm,whilst the warm colors of red and orange revitalize and rejuvenate

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