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LED Shower Heads 31 Inch Showerheads Large Super Luxury Remote Controller Color Polishing Polishing Stainless Steel New

$1,849.95 (as of February 23, 2018, 4:44 am)

4 LED Colorful gradually change color (color change over time)
4 kinds of shower water mode
have excellent function in the ware of water saving



Brushed stainless steel Finish Five-layer plating, to prevent surface scratching
Material: Polishing Stainless Steel
Size: 800*600mm*10mm
Regular Working hydraulic pressure:0.1-0.6MPA
Regular Working water glide:100-200kg/hour
use of advanced plating process, acid copper, nickel, chromium, titanium multi-coating, the combination of plating layer, ine with international health standards, by GB-18 145-2003 salt spray test, attached to the fine, uniform color, and very good corrosion resistance, to verify the bright sheen of the product surface, remained constant new.
Concept –
We are Along with the preferred trend of reasonable application, also fully believe the circle of relatives in the toilet space, questions of safety, and during the humanization design, to provide consumers a considerate, comfortable feeling.
We now have been convinced that the product quality as a precondition to fully be aware the needs of consumers, and nurture during the market, to strengthen , to advertise enterprise development. Our shop antique faucet, antique bronze basin, antique bathroom pendant, copper-made , in keeping with the quality standards of production exported to European and American markets, quality certification by Europe, the US and Canada! Quality is guaranteed! !
European and American classical style bathroom bring your antique faucet series, antique brass basin series and antique bathroom pendant series, ancient flavor and simple to make your own home, your hotel presents essentially the most noble, essentially the most comfortable self-personality.
We store more than the number of varieties, to experience that we bring to each and every user. On the same time welcome bulk order. Please contact us by e-mail.
Best possible wishes.
Lead standards:
in line with national GB/T1176 standard copper content of 62% or more, no harm to human health, offer protection to you and your circle of relatives to make use of products without a harmful metal elements.
4 LED Colorful progressively change color (color change through the years)
4 varieties of shower water mode
have very good function within the ware of water saving
Comply with national GB/T1176 leaded standard, no harm to human health
have very good function within the ware of water saving, Easy to Install.

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