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An increasingly popular interior design trend is to add stylish and practical furniture to the bathroom. One piece of furniture that encompasses these two key elements is bathroom cabinets. Known for their handy storage appeal, many bathroom designers are starting to appreciate how a bathroom cabinet can bring style to the bathroom too.

However, before you make an impulse purchase on new bathroom cabinets, it is important to consider the different types of cabinets available and whether or not the cabinet will actually suit the size, shape and style of your existing bathroom. There isn’t really a uniform design of bathroom cabinet, meaning there are countless of different styles to choose from – although this can make it slightly tricky when choosing the right cabinet for you. This buyer’s guide will give you a rundown of the different types of bathroom cabinets available and what bathroom setting they will complement best.

Wall Mounted Cabinet

Almost all cabinets are wall mounted. This adds to their clean cut appeal as the unit is taken away from the floor to maximise the size of your bathroom as it simply uses space above the basin which is usually left vacant. Before you purchase a wall mounted cabinet it is important to check that the wall is strong enough to support a wall mounted cabinet and if it isn’t then it would be advisable to stick to freestanding units instead.


Mirrored Cabinet

A mirrored bathroom cabinet is possibly one of the most popular cabinet options to choose. The appeal of mirrored cabinets is that the mirrored front lends itself greatly to assisting with a morning routine while the internal storage shelves greatly aid keeping clutter at bay in the bathroom. When choosing a mirrored cabinet it is advisable to install it over the basin as you can then use the mirror when brushing teeth or shaving. Make sure there is ample space over the basin and that it can be installed at face height to avoid any stretching or bending.

Medicine Cabinets

Similar to mirrored cabinets, medicine cabinets are another popular choice. Medicine cabinets usually have a larger selection of internal shelves to store any (you guessed it!) medicines, tablets or even bathroom products such as soaps and lotions. The benefit of choosing a medicine cabinet is that they are good for keeping the family organised as each shelf can be easily labelled to accommodate every family member’s essentials.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets with their sleek angled lines are a great option for bathrooms which are on the smaller side. Conveniently fitting into the corner of the room, corner cabinets can be installed into wall space that may previously have been vacant to really maximise any limited space in the bathroom. If you have a compact bathroom or en suite, it would be advisable to choose a corner cabinet over a bulky larger cabinet.

Wooden finished

In addition to the different types of cabinets you can choose, there is also a wide variety of different finishes that a bathroom cabinet can have.

Starting with wood, these cabinets instantly add traditional flair to the bathroom therefore are ideal for teaming with a more classically styled bathroom setting. Unless you have matching wooden furniture, wooden cabinets could clash badly against a modern bathroom suite so would not be a good option for a contemporary styled bathroom.

Stainless Steel and Chrome finished

However, an option that would look great with a modern bathroom is a cabinet that has a stainless steel or chrome finish. These cabinets add contemporary appeal to the bathroom and another benefit is that they are easily cleaned.

However, it is important to remember that if you have wooden shelves or other furniture that these particular cabinets would look out of place so perhaps wooden finished cabinets would be the better option in this respect.