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ADM Free Standing Solid Surface Soaker Bathtub 67″ X 28″ Matte White SW-110M

$2,834.00 (as of February 22, 2018, 6:41 pm)

Packaging (inches): 70.8 L x 31.4 W x 25.1 H inches
Product Size (inches): 66.9 L x 27.5 W x 21.2 H Inches
Material: Solid Surface & Stone Resin Composite


Materials: Quality and Aesthetics Our products are being manufactured with special detail to The fabric used within the production process. We are subsequently only working with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials which can be protected for the clients body. In our production we are the use of two different materials: solid surface and stone resin. Solid Surface Our solid surface is a compact, non-porous surface Subject material from a homogeneous mix of aluminum hydroxide and mineral fillers. It’s completely non-toxic and recyclable and is basically being used on our matte finishes. Stone Resin Our Stone resin is a blend of basically unsaturated polyester resin and calcium carbonate among others. The finish is on a regular basis glossy white and comes with a gel coating of approximately 1-2 mm thickness. The fabric may be very water-resistant and can also be easily wiped clean with common detergents. High Quality Our product range may be very durable and almost proof against common dirt, bacteria or scratches. Must any smaller scratches happen within the product life cycle, they may be able to at all times be easily got rid of with water and polishing compound. Easy Maintenance Regular cleaning with common non-abrasive cleaning agents will safe a long surface quality. Our Subject material is proof against deterioration and minor damages because of improper handling may also be easily repaired. Non-Porous Our solid surface is 100% non-porous and subsequently unaffected by fluctuating moisture or humidity. This secures a long life and a smooth appearance over many years. Made in United Kingdom With a purpose to safe an enduring color-proof finish, we are importing the colour pigments from the UK for a top quality result.
Packaging (inches): 70.8 L x 31.4 W x 25.1 H inches
Product Size (inches): 66.9 L x 27.5 W x 21.2 H Inches
Subject material: Solid Surface & Stone Resin Composite
Color / Finish: Glossy White
Weight : 407.8 lbs | Water Capacity: 90 Gallons | Drain to Overflow: 13.8 Inches

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