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Neptune Ruby Oval Freestanding Mass Air Bath Tub 65 3/4 x 36 x 22 RU3666M White Price: $500.00 (as of 23/11/2020 00:51 PST- Details)

Shape :Oval
Installation :Freestanding
Drain’s position :Center


Mass-Air creates the pleasant revel in of floating softly on air. Like a cushion of air lightly lifting your frame, it actually surrounds you with soothing bubbles. You revel in the cushy touch of a gradual stress-free massage. You’ll be able to additionally customise your revel in through adjusting the system’s intensity. Upload foot and back jets to maximise the massaging impact. The Mass-Air system propels heat air into the water thru injectors situated at the bottom and at the backrests of the tub. A couple of retailers in every injector create the impression of an embracing cushion of air.
Form :Oval
Set up :Freestanding
Drain’s position :Heart
Total weight with out water :eighty five lbs
Water capability :eighty one Imperial gallons

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