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A good shower is an asset to any bathroom. A great shower can make a bathroom a showroom. Rather than hiding shower units behind puffy drapery or plastic curtains, choosing the right shower panels can make the difference between bathrooms that stay shut behind a door and bathrooms that become part of the tour of the house.

Panel Types

Shower panels are as decoratively diverse as the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom are, and are made of a variety of materials. Any type of panel can be chosen to spruce up even the humblest shower cubicle. Homeowners can choose bamboo to create a natural look or stainless steel for a more clinical look. Whatever the layout of the bathroom, the shower panel can draw the eye and help tie in design with décor. Why not choose the black acrylic to match the bracket on the shower screen, or perhaps brass for a more “old world” look.

Panel Features

A good shower panel is more than just a shower-head. Cleverly crafted toiletry baskets tie in with the construction of the panel, making over-the-shower toiletry shelves outdated. Inlaid mirrors create a vision of depth. However, topical aesthetics have nothing over the practical features.

Hand sprays for close up and massage work, or for use in a curtained corner, baths are necessary. What used to be little better than a watering can spout at the end of a hose has evolved into an artistically pleasing piece of hardware that comes in a variety of lengths and designs?

Showerheads offer rainfall rather than a blasting spray, rinsing the body with a gently continual stream of soft droplets rather than the harsh pounding of a conventional showerhead. Design offers a variety of lengths of shower-heads to better suit a diversity of human structure as well as settings for speeds and massage.

The belle of the ball, though, is the body jet spray. Placed at intervals along the panel, these jet sprays can make a shower an event that no one wants to leave. Most jet sprays feature massage heads that swivel for optimal placement of the water.
Panel Technology

What walk-in shower is complete without the latest technology? Why not take a shower in a unit so advanced that a panel can control the temperature of the water? There is no need to ever step into a cold shower again in a shower with water temperature that is preset and does not fluctuate.

For the discerning bather who is interested in a more space-age approach, some panels come equipped with LED lighting around the shower-head and jet sprays that turn from blue to red as the water heats up, ending the dreaded cold-morning question of whether or not the shower is warm enough in which to climb.

In Conclusion

There seems to be no reason to settle for a regular old shower-head and spigot when a state of the art shower panel will make for a therapeutic shower, but will help create a pleasing, relaxing environment as well.