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A steam shower is a perfect addition to nearly everyone’s bathroom. They are an incredible well of comfort on just a small amount of space. While being just a little bit bigger than a regular shower stall, they offer much more. A steam bath, a sauna or a multi-jet shower experience. All these things can be found in them. Therefore, they offer all the advantages either one of these can provide you with. The most important ones are:


A steam shower combines not just a regular shower, but a multi-jet shower that sprays water at your from every direction. It can also include a sauna, a steam bath and even a sound system with a mp3 player and a radio. Modern steam showers can also produce different kinds of light, according to the mood you are in, or you want the steam shower to bring you in.


While steam showers are slightly bigger than regular shower stalls, they are certainly a lot smaller than the various installations they can replace combined. A sauna usually is a separate room and so is a steam bath. A steam enclosure, on the contrary, is about twice as big as a regular shower stall and can include all of the three. Nearly every bathroom, except extremely small ones, can fit a shower like that.


It is a personal spa right in your home. The water jets can give you a massage. The sauna and the steam bath can help you to relax. All this while you are listening to your favorite music under a very relaxing colorful light. What could better end a stressful day or prepare you for a hard week of work?


If you compare it to a regular shower, that is used nearly entirely for hygienic purposes, steam showers offer tremendous health benefits. Saunas and steam baths can strengthen your immune system which is especially important during the winter. It can also help your cardiovascular system to get stronger. Endurance athletes go to saunas or steam baths regularly for these two reasons. The symptoms of rheumatism and chronic pain can also be reduced.


A typical steam shower is a closed system. Water does not get out of it. It only leaves the steam shower through the steam that escapes when you open the door, and through your skin, if you do not wish to rub yourself dry with a towel inside the cabin. Steam enclosures usually meet very high standards and are absolutely mold resistant, much more than tiles and joints in a regular bathroom.

Ease Of Installation

Steam showers do of course need a connection to the water pipes of your home, but that is pretty much everything they need. Theoretically, they do not even have to stand on a tiled floor, because they are a closed system. You can just put them in any regular room, and all you need is appropriate plumbing. No need to lay tiles, no need for any dirty work. As a result, it might be cheaper for you to install steam enclosure than a regular shower stall, as absurd as it may sound, you should take a steam shower into consideration even if you think that you are not able to afford it.


Last but not least I want to mention the great designs that they can come in. They range from the design of a classical Finnish sauna to super modern and colorful ones. You will have a hard time finding a bathroom that does not undergo a visual upgrade with a beautiful new steam enclosure.